THE team behind Colchester’s Oktoberfest hope to make it an annual celebration as they return to Castle Park later this month.

In just over two weeks, the famous German beer tent will be set up, attracting about 5,000 visitors to the park.

It was a surprise return as at the end of last year Colchester Council bosses appeared to have ruled out a second appearance following a series of noise complaints.

However, in June the team announced it would be returning to the beauty spot.

Tom Cullen, Oktoberfest’s marketing manager, said they were excited to be back.

He said: “Last year was amazing, we had a really great time.

“Colchester is one of those cultural places that has really adopted this event.”

The beer tent will be bigger this year.

Tom added: “With every event we try to increase on it and grow from it.

“This year the tent will be about 15 per cent bigger than last year.

“It’s what helps with the longevity of the event.”

Residents living in the nearby Dutch Quarter had complained to the council after drunken guests left the park at 11pm last year, making noise as they made their way through the quiet residential area into the town centre.

Tom said the session times this year had been changed to finish half an hour earlier, with the last session finishing at 10.30pm, to make sure there is not the same level of disruption.

He added: “We have worked really closely with Colchester Council to find the best space and they have been really helpful.

“As an event we always want to make sure everyone close by is happy with it, and we will do whatever we can to make sure it happens.

“If that means shifting the timings slightly then we will absolutely do that.

“We would absolutely love it to be an annual thing, and as long as the people of Colchester want us to come back, then we will.”

The festival will take place on Friday and Saturday, October 26 and 27.

There are about 50 tickets left to sell before the Saturday event is sold out.

To buy tickets or for more information, visit