SHOCKED parents said they were left to comfort a lollipop lady after an angry delivery driver launched into a "tirade of profanities".

Parents were in Parkeston Road, Dovercourt to pick up their children from Spring Meadow Primary School when they said they witnessed the incident.

Mum Lucy Wood said the lollipop lady had approached a UPS delivery driver, who had parked on the keep clear markings outside Cheers shop, and asked him to move for the safety of her and the children crossing the road.

She added: "This resulted in a tirade of profanities aimed at the lollipop lady for merely carrying out her duty at work.

"She was distraught after this and fought to hold back tears as witnesses looked on in shock at what had just occurred to a much-loved member of the community.

"I was so shocked after hearing the delivery man shouting abusive swear words at our lollipop lady.

"He knew he had upset her as parents gathered round and tried to comfort her with hugs but he carried on.

"She didn't deserve this as she was just trying to do her job and keep children safe.

"I have seen drivers ignore her when she steps into the road but nothing like this before.

"A number of parents are distressed at the treatment she received and have raised complaints to UPS."

Lucy said the delivery driver drove off but then returned honking his horn as he passed and again with his camera up - she said she believes he was filming.

A UPS spokesman said: "We can confirm that a driver of one of our subcontractors was involved in an incident on Parkeston Road, Dovercourt on 28 September.

"We are currently working together with our subcontractor to investigate the incident. As this investigation is ongoing, please understand that we can provide no further detail at this time."

A spokesperson for Essex County Council, said: “We take the safety and wellbeing of all of our employees extremely seriously.

"Our school crossing patrol officers should be able to carry out their duties supporting families to cross the road safely without feeling threatened or intimidated.

“Our investigation into the incident is ongoing and we continue to work alongside partners to ensure aggressive behaviour towards our staff is reported and dealt with in the appropriate manner.”