Borough and county councillors should be ashamed of themselves at their lack of concern for the vulnerable elderly.

We have had meals on wheels service axed and Abbotts Activity Centre closed and now the Lion Walk Activity Centre - all being closed due to costs.

The councillors must live on another planet if they think the elderly will be able to continue to meet at the Age Concern building on North Hill.

How can they expect the current members ranging from 50 to 99 to be able to cope with the steep hill.

What service for the vulnerable elderly will the councillors decide to cut next?

Don’t they realise they will be elderly at some time in the future and may be in need of some social contact and friendship.

I am sure if councillors cared enough for these elderly vulnerable people they could find the money from somewhere within the council budget.

Don’t forget, the elderly pay their council tax the same as everyone else.

A Foster