Residents say they were not consulted over plans to alter bus stops in Colchester.

Stephen Lloyd, who lives off Lexden Road, Colchester, said he was horrified when he found out via First Essex.

He said: “The bus stop in St John’s Street is easily the most convenient stop for us when leaving the central part of the town centre with heavy shopping.

“The alternative stop in Crouch Street on the other hand is well away from the main shopping streets.

“Another bus stop we like to use on the Route 65 is that outside the George. It is most convenient when we are in the area, and yet this is another bus stop that is being changed.

Essex County Council explained why they have not had a formal consultation.

“They claim they already incorporate the views expressed over time from service users.

“But how do they know what bus users think if they will not consult with them?”

However, First Essex welcomed the changes, saying it would make travelling easier.

Martin Goss (Lib Dem), Colchester councillor responsible for transportation, said: “This change has been firmly driven by the commercial bus operators to better regulate the reliability of their services and further enhance the customer experience that passengers will enjoy.”

Anyone wishing to comment on the plans or find out more about them can email