So the "experts" at Essex County Council have again shot themselves in the foot by installing traffic lights at the bottom of Brook Street and, more importantly, incurring unnecessary costs to ratepayers.

While not living in the borough, I visit Colchester several times a week.

I predicted in advance the installation of traffic lights would not show any significant improvement.

However, the reality is far worse.

Before the lights were installed, morning traffic entering Brook Street or East Hill from East Bay, were relatively unimpeded.

Likewise, in the evening rush hour traffic leaving Brook Street had priority over traffic travelling west.

That was fair enough as it was and is greater in volume.

More importantly, from a pollution perspective, generally the Brook Street traffic was constantly moving, if only slowly.

Following the installation of the traffic lights, there is serious inequality.

Now a green light allowing traffic to leave Brook Street is only on for 30 seconds. The red light is on for 80 seconds.

Whereas the lighter volume of traffic travelling to or from East Hill has considerable more time on green lights.

Thus, now vehicles in Brook Street are at a standstill for far more time than they are moving, hence traffic often backs up along Magdalen Street to St Botolph’s and is prevent from turning into Brook Street.

Meanwhile, there are usually little or no queues when travelling east to west from East Bay.

It is no wonder that pollution levels have increased but, don’t take my word on the inequality.

Simply try driving south to north on Brook Street in the evenings, you will have plenty of time to make your own record.

Why can’t the "experts" see it? Perhaps they haven’t made the effort to come to Colchester?

The Brook Street mistakes do not bode well for the removal of the double roundabouts on St Andrews Avenue and their replacement with singles.

The experts tell us that this will improve traffic flow. History suggests otherwise.

Robert Clubb

Merriam Close, Brantham