CLAIRE Buck sadly lost her father to cancer several years ago. As of 2015, she was facing a potentially similar situation.

The 47-year-old from Romford was severely overweight, and her doctors told her she was showing similar symptoms to her father before he became ill. Drastic change was needed.

Cut to two-and-a-half years later, Ms Buck has lost 21 stone, and has been selected by Gok Wan to have a free makeover by a specialist team.

Ms Buck was nominated for the surprise makeover at Gok’s “One Size Fits All” event in Cold Norton on Sunday, the Essex gig of the show’s UK tour.

Wan asked the 300-strong room for people to nominate their friends for the makeover. Several stories were shared about fantastic mothers and caring partners, but when Ms Buck’s story was told aloud to the room, Wan and every single guest were in visible and audible awe.

The decision was clear, and Ms Buck was whisked off back stage.


Claire Buck getting pampered by stylists from The Prom Shop. Pictures by Maryann - The Menagerie Lifestyle Photography​

Whilst she’s being pampered up, Ms Buck says the decision to shed so much weight came down purely to health reasons.

She said: “I was a very active big girl, I was always going out and about, looking after my son, going clubbing, but the doctors advised me that I was showing signs of decline.

“From then on, I had no sugar, no fat and no alcohol, which was the hardest thing to lose.

“It has without doubt completely changed everything about me. Before losing the weight I existed, but now I have a whole new life to enjoy.”

Ms Buck was revealed to the crowd at the end of the show, joining Wan on stage looking stunning in a dark blue dress, all of which was provided by The Prom Shop in Colchester.


Despite loving – and very clearly deserving – the recognition, Ms Buck said she has always enjoyed watching those around her grow, taking pride in those closest to her.

She said: “I originally wanted to nominate my friend, but the microphone was passed to her and she nominated me, which was so surprising, but with Gok it was a thrill, that man is so fantastic.

“I enjoy watching confidence grow in other people, that’s just who I am. Thought everyone needs this treatment every so often, it should be included on the NHS.”