A HARDWARE chain has been slammed by a disabled customer after he soiled himself when staff refused to let him use the toilet.

The man, aged 30 and who we have agreed not to name online, was shopping for spray paint in Wickes, Colchester, when he realised he needed the bathroom.

He previously underwent an operation which left him sometimes not knowing when he needs the toilet until the last minute.

But despite approaching several members of staff and explaining his situation, each refused.

The man said: “I had an urgent need to go to the bathroom and despite not finishing picking everything I needed I rushed over to the service counter to a cashier lady.

“I was told the bathroom was for staff only and when I explained she shouted to another member of staff and he said they were for staff only.”

He was told the nearest toilets were 15 minutes away at Asda and he went looking for a toilet himself in the shop as he had urine on his trousers.

Eventually another member of staff stepped in and showed him to the bathroom but by then it was too late.

The man paid for the spray paint but said the first member of staff repeatedly swore at him as he left.

He reported the incident, which happened at 10.30am on September 20, to Wickes’ head office. He received a refund but no apology.

He said: “They wouldn’t tell me anything. I wanted to know if the first member of staff had been dealt with.

“I feel really disrespected and it’s actually taken a toll on me when going out.

“I feel quite paranoid in case I need to request assistance to use a bathroom for example. It has certainly left a scar.

“I just want people to know this has happened.”

A spokesman for Wickes said: "We're sorry to hear of this customer's experience when his local store toilet was out-of-order at a time of need.

"The vast majority of our stores do have designated customer toilets and we're reminding store colleagues to try and ensure a practical plan is in place for customers who need to use these facilities should the customer toilets be out of use."