All the signs are there, yes, autumn is here.

It’s a tricky season, one-minute dry and bright, the next wet, windy and dark.

And any morning you might be greeted with thick frost.

But with a little thought and preparation, drivers can be prepared.

That’s why, Andrew Jervis, co-founder of the online marketplace for car repair, ClickMechanic, has listed his top tips to help drivers cope this autumn.

The first section deals with coping with haavy Rain and wet conditions:

1. Watch for leaves and large puddles on the road - Loose leaves that are flattened and wet act just like ice.

With puddles, it’s difficult to judge their depth, which could lead to serious damage to your vehicle.

Therefore, you should try to avoid both if possible or drive slowly over them, taking extra care.

2. Prepare your tyres – This goes hand-in-hand with the above tip. Wet or icy roads demand tyres that are in good condition.

You need at least 3mm of tread to be legal, but newer tyres are better. Check the pressure too, regularly. Under-inflation means less grip.

3. Check the condition of your wiper blades – In the more autumnal misty, murky conditions you need wiper blades in tip top condition. Clean them with a soft cloth and ensure they are in full working condition. If your sight is limited in any way while using them, replace them as soon as possible.