AN address similar to one printed and found on a parcel bomb was found in the deleted section of the laptop belonging to the man accused of sending it.

Wayne Jeffries is accused of sending an “improved explosive device” to his estranged stepmother Sandra Jeffries which exploded when she opened a box in her home in Othello Close, Colchester.

After he was arrested, police searched his home in Glisson Square, Colchester, and a friend’s property he had access to, and seized a number of electronic devices.

At Ipswich Crown Court digital forensic analyst Robert Probyn confirmed Mrs Jeffries’ address – featuring the unusual inclusion of a line referencing the Greenstead estate – was found on the hard drive of Jeffries’ laptop having been deleted from the main computer.

A label with her address printed on had been stuck to the package which blew up when she opened it on December 21 2016.

Mr Probyn said he was unable to identify the font used but was sure about the words and that they were all typed in capitals During cross examination, Stephen Rose, defending, said there was no proof Jeffries, 55, had created the document himself and said it could have been moved onto the device in another way either via an email, removable storage device or by accessing a webpage.

Investigators also found a favourites tab on Internet Explorer which had been labelled Firework Igniter and linked to explaining how to light fireworks and a Microsoft Word document which talked about explosions.

Mr Rose suggested the content of the webpage may have been different when Jeffries favourited it in January 2016, compared to when police looked at it 11 months later, and that Jeffries may not have visited at all.

Mr Probyn said: “I say that on the date it was looked at by the officer it was not necessarily the same as when the file was made.

“The pages could have been different but there is no way to tell what it was at this time.”

Jeffries denies causing an explosion likely to endanger life or cause damage to a building.

He had previously accused his stepmother and father of abusing him as a child but the Crown Prosecution Service took no further action after investigating his claims.

Jeffries’ appealed but the decision was upheld.

The trial continues...