AN underwear thief has cost a mum a fortune in new garments.

Diane Toms has been subject to two underwear thefts in the space of a week.

The mum, 54, of Sioux Close in Highwoods, and her family saw the amusing side the first time her bras and knickers were taken off the washing line in the garden.

However the same thing happened two days later, and she is now scared to hang her washing outside.

She said: "The first time was on Tuesday, I went to get my washing in and asked my partner if he had brought my underwear in.

"He said no, but my underwear had gone.

"The second time was on Thursday. I wouldn't have minded if it was just once, but twice? They shouldn't do it."

At the weekend she had to go out and buy new underwear - she has lost six pairs of knickers and four bras.

Only the women's underwear has been taken, nothing else was touched.

She wondered whether the wind had blown the underwear off the line, but has tried to search for it and cannot find it anywhere.

She added: "It's just the underwear not the clothes, we need to know who is taking it and warn others, are they just doing it for fun?

"I have only got a small garden and I have had a look around, it's not here, or in the nearby park.

"I've had enough. I haven't called the police as I wouldn't know what to say.

"It was a laugh at first but at the end of the day this is serious."

She said a new 'gang' has moved into the area, and they have already caused trouble with litter and tormenting her pet cat.

She wondered if the underwear saga had anything to do with the gang.

She said: "I'm not putting my washing out any more. I can't keep going out buying new things.

"Someone has also stolen my cat Sooty's collar three times.

"This used to be a nice area."

She is asking other residents, particularly elderly people, to be vigilant.