A LABOUR activist is embroiled in an antisemitism row after a number of posts were made from her social media account which accused Israel of committing its own holocaust in Palestine.

Sioux Blair-Jordan has moved quickly to distance herself from the posts, citing a smear campaign against her.

The disability campaigner has also said her social media account was hacked throughout the time the posts were made, between 2016 and this year.

Despite her strong protestations, the posts have been reported to the Labour Party’s regional headquarters and it is there which any sanction would be taken should it be found Ms Blair-Jordan breached party rules.

Among the posts on the activist’s account are two which compare Hitler’s holocaust to the Israeli treatment of Palestinian people.

One shared post stated: “Jewish people can’t complain about the Holocaust while committing similar crimes in Palestine. Jewish lives are not more sacred.”

The second shared post said: “What Israel is doing to the Palestinian people is [the] same as Hitler did to the Jews.”

A separately shared post also alleged Israel was behind the New York 9/11 attacks.

But yesterday Ms Blair-Jordan tweeted: “None of this was posted or shared by me. I was hacked and locked out of my account for days.

“I have Jewish Ancestry. My family were in the Warsaw Ghetto so why would I post this [rubbish]?

“This is part of a smear campaign against me and I am seeking legal advice.”

The activist did not respond when contacted directly by the Gazette.

Tim Young, Colchester’s Labour group leader said he had been made aware of the posts and the matter had been passed to the party’s regional headquarters.

He added: “Any permanent sanction would have to go through there and be ratified by the compliance unit.”

The Labour boss added: “This is not my view, nor is it the view of the Labour Party and when you see that sort of thing on social media, it is repulsive and it is unacceptable.”

Fellow party member Lee Scordis, who has fought against perceived antisemitic feelings within the Labour Party, said: “I am disgusted and concerned by the lack of action.

“It is unbelievable that people on the Left appear to be supporting views from the Far Right.”

He added: “We need to make it abundantly clear people who are making statements like this do not represent the Labour Party. Quite simply, it is wrong.”

Ms Blair-Jordan made national headlines in 2015 after a speech at Labour’s annual conference, during which she said: “We need the EU to uphold our human rights because if Cameron does his Bill of Rights we might as well walk into the gas chamber today.”

The party distanced itself from her comments.