ALMOST every reader will be well-acquainted with the saga that is Vineyard Gate.

First proposed more than a decade ago, the scheme has gradually shrunk in size, whether because of the global economic crisis, being at loggerheads with previous development partners or the realisation that the controversial Tollgate Village would go ahead.

Now, we are looking at a scheme which will hopefully become home to a burgeoning group of independent and craft retailers as well as a public space and a number of cafes - if all goes to plan.

And at the moment, that plan seems to be on the right track.

The property which houses Alishan Tandoori has long been in the council’s sights.

It had to be, given its important location.

Naturally, given its popularity will increase the profile of this story.

But the good news is, it appears to have been given 12 months to find and fit out a new premises.

Perhaps a move away from the diesel-filled air close to the bus station would be welcomed by the restaurant owners anyway.

Now the real work starts; with the majority of land needed for the development now in the council’s hands, a development partner must be secured.

We’re told there is significant interest, which is encouraging, not just for the development itself but for the town.

It shows people want to build here; they have faith in what our town centre can be.

Let’s just hope we’re not in exactly the same place in 12 months’ time.