PLANS to build 56 homes in Stanway could be approved despite residents' complaints.

A planning application for the homes north of Dyers Road will be discussed at a planning committee meeting next week.

The application is recommended for approval, subject to a legal agreement.

Plans include one, two, three and four bed homes, including 11 affordable homes.

Residents and some council officers have objected to the plans, saying they would limit open space.

Other issues include air pollution, some potential contamination, security, and the lack of habitat for badgers.

Stanway Parish Council objected to the plans, saying there is "insufficient public open space, there is a lack of amenities for children, the site is too dense with a lack of parking and the committee backs the concerns of local residents".

Residents have already had to suffer developments on two sides of their properties.

One said: "This would leave us totally surrounded and engulfed by a huge development.

"Two years ago, we had seclusion and privacy from the world, but today we are being subjected to the trappings of living in an estate- built


"We purchased our property because of its privacy and seclusion and the thought of yet another boundary being taken over by building works is an

absolute nightmare for us.

"We have very little green space for our children to grow up and appreciate the environment."

Colchester Council is due to approve plans.

The report said: "It is considered the development will not adversely impact on the amenity of adjacent neighbours, nor result in significant impacts on the highway.

"The development would not cause significant harm to ecological or landscape interests and conditions are proposed to mitigate and improve ecological interests.

"Preserved trees will be retained and new landscaping is proposed and secured by condition. The highway authority has raised no objection in terms of highway safety or capacity."

A Section 106 agreement will be arranged for the developer to fund open space, education and community facilities.

A final decision will be made on August 23.