ONE of Conor Ashton's victims has spoken of the trauma she continues to suffer a year on from the incident.

The victim, who lived in Avon Way at the time and does not wish to be identified, said: “I thought that I would be traumatised only for a short period of time but I was totally wrong.

“I am currently still having issues sleeping at night and am easily disturbed and panicked by small noises and movement.

“If I am awake in the early hours of the morning, I often have trouble getting back to sleep. “There have been more than a couple of nights in which I only fall asleep after the sun has risen because I think that somebody is going to break in if I fall asleep at night."

She added: “It's really tiring, especially when I need to go to work that very same day.

“It is true that the stolen money had been compensated by the bank but I don't think that the mental trauma that I suffer after that horrible incident can be compensated by anybody.

“It is really unfair too that other people went to their graduations while reminiscing about their good days in university but I went to mine with a messy mind and a tainted memory.”