A VIDEO of a teenager spitting at a mum in front of her young children has gone viral after being shared by a social media star.

Robin Armstrong, who posts videos on Facebook to shame bullies, posted a video blasting the action of a teenage boy.

He claims the teenager spat twice at a mum before pushing her into a bush in front of her one-year-old son and three-year-old daughter.

The attack is believed to have happened in Leas Road, Clacton.

The mother can be heard saying: “Are you going to spit at me again? I’ve got kids with me.”

Describing the video, Mr Armstrong said the mum started to record the teenage boy after he spat at her.

He said the youth then spat again at the mum before dismounting from his bike and kicking her “full-force” into a bush in front of her young children.

Mr Armstrong added: “He’s crashed into the pram. She said ‘Watch where you are going’ and he spat on her.

“What kind of behaviour is that?”

He then urged his followers and Clacton residents to share his post to find the person responsible.

The video has since been viewed more than 650,000 times, shared 16,000 times, and has

received thousands of comments from angry social medis users.

In response, follower Steven James said: “I’m shocked that someone can do this to a woman and her kids.

“What is happening to kids in this world today?

“I was brought up with respect and manners and would never dream of hurting anybody.

“It is shameful that everyday you see people getting bullied by kids and gangs.”

A spokesman for Essex Police said a teenager from Clacton was arrested on August 8 in connection with a series of offences.

She added: “The boy, 15, was arrested in connection with four assaults and one theft.

“He has since been released under investigation.”

Anyone with information should call Essex Police on 101.