A Colchester bar is offering a one-off free cocktail fit for a warrior queen.

Boadicea Bar and Restaurant is giving away history-inspired drink to women in honour of Boadicea.

The exclusive ‘Boadicea’ cocktail will be offered on August 23, in light of the warrior's latest victory.

Queen Boadicea has been named the woman who had the 14th biggest impact on world history by BBC’s History Magazine, for the battles she led against the Romans in Colchester.

The speciality cocktail will pack a serious punch in her honour.

Josh Campbell-Broome, managing director at Boadicea Bar and Restaurant in Haven Road, said: “We are delighted about the recognition Boadicea has received and wanted to do something to celebrate our namesake’s latest victory in style.

"Our cocktail has been made in her image and helps us honour a true female role model and the affect she has had on Colchester."

The offer is only available between 6pm and 11pm.