It’s one of the most famous moments in music history when Alan McGee went to see Oasis play the Glasgow Barrowlands.

Now the legendary music producer has launched a new label and his first signing is Colchester three-piece Rubber Jaw.

And much like he did with Oasis, after catching the Essex band play a gig in London, he signed them on the spot.

Rubber Jaw are made up of three of the town’s brightest musicians and songwriters who have all shined in other groups.

There’s Michael Hemmings, former frontman of the Catrina’s, Ross Connell, guitarist with Ordinary Noise, and Archie Mann, who has already proved he’s one of the town’s best drummers with stints in several other bands.

Rubber Jaw started out with just Michael and Ross, who have been friends since school.

Ross says: “We both grew up in Elmstead Market and went to the Colne School in Brightlingsea where we were in the same form, and then the Sixth Form College, where we were also in the same form.”

Michael adds: “When Ross came back from uni we would jam and the band kind of evolved from that.”

With Archie joining them a little later, the band started gigging last year and have been building up a loyal fan base ever since.

Earlier this year, the band’s manager sent McGee a copy of their debut single and accompanying self-made video and the response was immediate.

Ross adds: “I sent it all to our manager to see what he thought and the next thing we know Alan McGee is contacting us to say how much he likes it.

“He told us he was looking for the right band to launch his new label and said he thought we might be it. He came along to one of our gigs at the Spice of Life in Soho London and pretty much signed us on the spot.”

35 years after the birth of one of the most successful and iconic independent record labels, Creation Records, maverick founder and music mogul Alan McGee has launched Creation 23, a 7inch label with just one agenda.

“I want to put out records again,” he says. “I’ve missed it, there’s a lot of good music around and it feels like a good time to do it.”

And first up is the North Essex outfit with their single Feeling Funny.

The single and its B-Side Bumpy Faces comes in a limited edition, numbered and coloured 7 inch with artwork and inserts made by the band. It also includes a golden ticket to gain free entry with a plus one to every show for a year.

As well as signing the band, McGee has been praising Rubber Jaw on social media calling them the next big UK band with devastating songs and skills.

Ross says: “We’re still getting our heads around how mad it all is.

“When he first saw the video he invited us for a drink in a posh hotel which was very surreal and then the second time he came to see us play, after the gig he burst into the dressing room and said how rock n roll it was and how much he loved it.”

Feeling Funny is out on October 5 when Rubber Jaw will be doing a special launch gig at Three Wise Monkeys, High Street, Colchester.

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