OUTRAGED residents are urging daytrippers to “respect our beaches” after rubbish was left strewn across Clacton’s sands for a second time in two weeks.

Coachloads of visitors descended on the resort on Sunday for the Party on the Beach, organised by the Our Family Affair community group from London.

Organisers said rubbish was left by individuals who were not part of the coach trip.

One said: “The rubbish was left by individuals who were not part of the coaches. We have no control over that.”

One attendee said more bins should have been provided and said many people probably did not realise seagulls would rip apart black bags left piled next to bins.


  • Rubbish - Bags were left next to a bin on Clacton seafront

More than 30 volunteers turned out to collect almost 300 bags of rubbish on Sunday evening.

Clacton councillor Andrew Pemberton said it was “shameful”, but added it was not the fault of the visitors.

He instead called on Tendring Council to provide more bins on and for extra waste collections from the beach in the summer.

Mr Pemberton said: “We are starting to look silly and this is doing nothing to enhance the image of our town.

“It is a shame we can’t afford beach litter police to fine people on the spot.”

Paul Rowlen, from Clacton, was left angry after seeing the mess left on the beach.

He said: “I saw an incredible amount of people descend on the town. The beach was an awful disgrace.

“I’ve lived in the town all my life and it has never been so bad.”


  • Rubbish - Seagulls ripped open bags left on the beach

A spokesman for Tendring Council said the weekend was an “exceptionally busy” one.

She added: “This, combined with the weather, placed an enormous strain on the resources.

“We are placing an extra 20 wheeled bins out along the lower promenade in the vicinity of Pier Gap ready for this weekend to help assist members of the public in disposing of their waste in a responsible manner.

“We urge that if the bins are full that members of the public help in keeping the seafront areas clean by taking their waste home with them.”