A RESIDENT was disgusted to find someone had defecated in her paper recycling box.

The resident of Ball Alley in Colchester found out on Sunday morning a passer by had used her recycling boxes as a toilet.

She cleaned it up herself, but wants to warn others to keep an eye out and report it to the council.

She said: “We have a porch which is set back from the alley and keep boxes there for recycling.

“This person obviously found themselves caught short and has found the quietest, most private place they could find.

“I think it’s probably a one-off but it was just horrible as it’s been so hot, there were lots of flies.”

Other residents in the road had the same problem a while ago, but it is not overly common.

The alley, which is known to be a cut-through from the North Station Road area to the town centre, has been used as a urinal before.

She said: “It’s just really disgusting, it’s because it is secluded.”

Residents are able to report cases of ‘human excrement’ on Colchester Council’s website.

Another report of ‘dog fouling, human excrement or dead animal’ was made in Albany Gardens on Monday, at about 4pm.

To report a similar incident visit www.colchester.gov.uk/street-cleaning.