A COUPLE were ripped off after hearing a Queen tribute act had been cancelled...10 minutes before they were due to perform.

Dave Clark and his partner Christine Coleman had paid to see the tribute band at the Jobserve Community Stadium in Colchester, on June 2.

Christine, had spent £37.50 for two tickets, which she had bought at the beginning of the year as part of Dave's birthday present.

The couple got a taxi to the venue at about 7.30pm and Dave went on to spend a further £32 on food and four pints.

However at about 8.20pm, 10 minutes before the band were due to perform, a voice over the tannoy said the act had been cancelled.

Dave is still waiting to get his money for the tickets and food back.

He said: "Everyone piled in and got seated, there were about 300 people.

"We ordered food, and I was going to the bar when a voice came over the microphone saying Queen are not going to appear.

"I thought it was a joke."

Everyone started asking questions, but were told by staff they would have to wait until the Monday as there was no-one to speak to.

Dave added: "They didn't say why it had been cancelled, they took our names in reception and said they would contact us on the Monday but they never did.

"They did offer us back the ticket money but not until about two weeks after, I still haven't had anything.

"They got us in there knowing the band wasn't coming on, surely they would have known by about 6.30pm as they would have had to do sound checks."

The guests were given the opportunity to stay for the 'after party disco', but Mr Clark did not bother.

He added: "I don't want to go to a disco, I'm 52 years old.

"The customer service has just been appalling, all I'm asking for is my ticket money and food money back.

"They let us in there under false pretences. I'm a Queen fan so I was gutted. They were meant to be quite good."

A spokesman for Colchester United, which hosted the event, said: “We had a date on which the band booked did not turn up for the event.

"All ticket purchasers were offered a refund by our events team.”

There is still no explanation as to why the band did not turn up.