There’s still some time to see a thought-provoking art installation chronicling the inspiring individuals of the Windrush generation.

The art installation located at the S & S Caribbean takeaway in Colchester, is by Essex-based artist Everton Wright and is an immersive experience which covers the walls and tables at the St John’s Street Cafe in Colchester, showing past and present photographs, memories and documents of participants’ individual stories.

This includes former Brightlingsea resident, Nell Green, who came from Jamaica to England in 1962 to train as a nurse, and Lenore Sykes, a trained nurse and midwife from Trinidad.

Both speak on their career experiences with the NHS for audio interviews as part of the exhibition.

Everton says: “The installation has created an opportunity for people to immerse themselves and find out about this generation of people, and ask questions which many felt they were unable to do before.

“The general public need to learn more about these Windrush pioneers, and what this generation and their children mean to British society.”

Visitors are being encouraged to fill out passport postcards with their own migration stories to post on a memory wall, and extracts of the ten audio recordings, which include the first black woman to work in the Stock Exchange and a promising Olympian, will be held on the projects website.

The Caribbean Takeaway Takeover runs until Sunday, July 29.