A FAMOUS jam factory is spreading into new territory...with ideas for a new nut butter facility.

Wilkin and Sons in Tiptree, famous for its fruit jams, has applied to Colchester Council to create a new purpose built facility for 'nut processing'.

The new facility, if approved, will include all the equipment required for nut processing and production.

Wilkin and Sons said in the application: "This is a key element of our ongoing business development strategy, adding appropriate product diversification and ensuring sustained growth and employment opportunities."

The proposed facility will be to the south of the existing factory and will replace the redundant waste water treatment plant.

The application added: "The proposed building will incorporate all of the equipment necessary to process raw nuts into finished packed products.

"This incorporates processes such as, but not limited to, nut roasting, processing of nut pastes and packing of filled products.

"The facility will incorporate equipment for raising steam, hot and chilled water plus compressed air.

"Store rooms, changing areas, welfare facilities, laboratory and office and training rooms will also be included."

Colchester Council's planning committee will review the plans at an upcoming meeting.

The report added: "Wilkin and Sons require this new facility to be constructed to enable production of new products for sale into new markets to ensure the long term growth and viability of the business.

"This application is within their current site boundary and consideration has been given on the visual and environmental impacts."