He may be now based on the South Coast but Colchester born artist Lincoln Taber still has a soft spot for the county of his birth.

Especially when he sells a lot of his work here.

And there’s another opportunity for collectors to pick up his striking paintings at a special exhibition he is sharing dual billing with his mother, Jacqueline Wolfers, all this week at the Geedon Gallery in Fingringhoe.

The son of American artist, Lincoln Taber, who once painted a portrait of Princess Anne, Lincoln has been fascinated with drawing since he was very young young.

But after graduating from art school, Lincoln, by his own admission wasn’t sure whether he actually wanted to be an artist.

“At art school I did decorative art,” he tells me, “which was a combination of restoration and painting but it was more decorating things. At the time I was torn between the two, whether to go into restoration or painting.”

After working at Christies for a few months, Lincoln took the decision to take up fine art and has been ‘very fortunate’ to make a living from it.

He’s exhibited work at the Royal Academy and the Mall Galleries in London, as well as having a solo exhibition at New Grafton Gallery back in 2003.

Today his work his housed in galleries and private collections all over the world from America to the Far East.

This week he and his mother are showing a whole host of work from his realist, pin point accurate insects to her evocative still life’s.

Lincoln says: “We had a show about five years ago, again at the Geedon Gallery and it went very well indeed.

“Because the Geedon only has two shows a year, one in Autumn and the other in Spring, there are times when it’s free and we thought why not do another for this summer. Both of us have a similar realist style which goes really well together and so when she asked whether I wanted to do it I was more than happy.”

Recent paintings by Jacqueline and Lincoln are at The Geedon Gallery, Jaggers, South Green Road, Fingringhoe, until Sunday daily from 11am to 5.30pm. Admission is free and for more information call 01206 729334.