A SINGING sensation caught the judges’ attention within seconds on ITV talent show, The Voice Kids.

Jacob Norton, from Colchester, wowed the famous trio of judges when he sang Puttin’ On The Ritz during the blind auditions.

Jacob, 14, was praised for his low and swoony voice, with Pixie Lott being left “speechless”.

McFly’s Danny Jones said: “That is one amazing voice, I think it’s fantastic.”

Jacob, a student at the Gilberd School, picked Danny as his coach as he went through to the Battle stage.

He said: “I was really nervous, very jittery and shaky. It was my first time being on a big stage, performing in front of celebrities, and you know you’re going to be on TV.

“But when I started singing I just got into it, I was just hoping at least one person would turn.

“I was worried I wasn’t going to get anyone, but when I got three turns it was such a shock.”

The aim of the contest is to impress the judges, who can’t see the performers, purely on the quality of the singing and encourage them to spin their chairs around to accept the contestant.

Jacob said: “My parents and I talked through the pros and cons of each judge, and we thought Danny would be the best.

“I really like the aspect of making people happy and entertaining people. You get such a buzz.”

Jacob’s mum, Claire, from Highwoods, was there during his performance.

She said: “He has been singing since nursery. He would take a different CD in with him every day and would since and dance.

“He started taking singing lessons in Year 7 at school and is due to take his Grade 6 this year.

“He sings all the time, no matter where he is. He’s such a happy lad.”

Jacob, the youngest of four, is lucky to have three other singing siblings to perform with. Sisters Georgia, 24, and Amelia, 17, as well as brother Jon-Henri, 18, are all blessed with musical talent.

The group often perform at charity events, with Jacob having performed on stage at the Mercury and Headgate theatres.

Charity is one of the reasons Jacob loves to sing, as he and his siblings perform at fundraising concerts to raise cash for brain tumour charities.

Their dad, Stephen, was diagnosed with a number of brain tumours in June 2016, and they have been keen to raise awareness ever since.

Claire said she was extremely proud of her son.

She said: “He’s really spreading his range out, his voice is still maturing.

“We are very proud, he loves performing and any opportunity he gets to show his talent he will do it.

“He’s so enthusiastic, it keeps us on our toes and there’s never a dull moment in the house.”

Jacob will be performing at the Clacton Festival on Sunday.

His performance during The Voice Kids Battles stage will be aired on ITV tonight at 7.30pm.