This is the picture which got everyone talking last night.

It was taken just minutes before England kicked off against Croatia in the semi-final of the World Cup.

The use of the Castle Park big screen, run by Colchester Council's Colchester Events Company, has been a bone of contention this year, with many calling for it to show England's World Cup games.

As long ago as October, it was understood there were no plans to show the games and to stick with the tennis.

But as public calls intensified during England's World Cup run, council bosses did look at screening the semi-final a potential world cup final.

However the plans were scrapped after Essex Police raised concerns over how the event would be policed, especially given some fans' behaviour in Head Street after England beat Sweden in the quarter final on Saturday.

Susan Jennings said on Facebook: "They were going to show it except the morons in Head Street made sure by their behaviour that the plug was pulled. Well done."

Becci Hooper said: "Has it occurred to anyone that maybe people who would like to watch the tennis on the big screen don’t dare go down there in case they get caught up in the “revelry” when the football ends?"

Paige Blunderfield wrote: "Whenever I’ve walked past the big screen it’s always been fairly busy.

"A lot of people did say they were going to avoid town during/after the match as it’s hard to say how the crowds will react."

Ann-Marie Swash posted: "What about all the families that would have watched here??? What a waste of a great opportunity for Colchester Council to show what they can do!

Nick Oakley said: "The elephant in the room is that they daren’t show the football because of the potential levels of trouble. Simple as that."

Owen Tidmarsh added: "Should be showing the football, own goal from the council."

Aside from sport, the screen has been a big hit with many in the town, with hundreds of people enjoying film screenings such as Bridget Jones' Diary, on Friday, The Greatest Showman, on Saturday and The Last Jedi, on Sunday.