A BID to introduce 20mph zones outside all schools will go to scrutiny.

A full council meeting was held at Essex County Council on Tuesday, during which a motion had been put forward by Colchester councillor Lee Scordis (Lab) to assess introducing 20mph zones outside all schools.

It was seconded by Colchester councillor Dave Harris (Lab).

Mr Scordis said: "We really want to see this go through, for us it's primarily about safety and it's something all councils around the country are doing. "At the moment if you want 20mph zones you have to have traffic calming measures, and it gets expensive.

"Actually all you need is a sign and people will slow down, we want to push that forward."

The idea has also been suggested by Tendring councillor Fred Nicholls.

Mr Nicholls, councillor from Great Bromley responsible for corporate enforcement, said Essex Police has openly stated “speed kills” and he called on Essex County Council to bring in the changes.

Tendring Council backed his motion calling for County Hall to reduce speed limits outside schools at certain times of the day.

Essex County Council said permanent 20mph speed zones are not permitted on priority routes, but a variable 20mph speed limit may be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Conservative councillors amended Mr Scordis' motion at the meeting.

The amended motion says: "This council recognises there are both advantages and disadvantages of 20mph zones.

"This council therefore calls upon the Place Services and Economic Growth Policy and Scrutiny Committee to review the current 20mph policy.

"This review should include, but not be confined to: The introduction of mandatory 20mph zones outside all schools, the introduction of 20mph zones for appropriate residential streets if requested by the majority of residents, and the budget provision required from the Capital Programme and the impact this could have on other schemes and the revenue budget."

It was moved and seconded at the meeting.

Councillor Dave Harris said: "I am a huge fan of 20mph zones in my area of south Colchester. Residents want it - the children of today and indeed the future deserve safer routes to school.

"I shall be watching with interest the course of the proposal I, Julie Young and Lee Scordis put in."