A BEAUTY therapist has just won a two-year battle to revoke a parking fine after the parking company gave someone else her permit.

Jenny Johnson, from Colchester, used to live in the Sail House flats in Hawkins Road.

UK Car Park Management issues residents with a parking permit for one space there.

However in November 2016 they issued a permit for Jenny's space to another resident by mistake.

After having to then park her car elsewhere, she was fined by the company.

She said: "I'd come home and there would be nowhere to park, I kept telling the company this and they just told me to park in someone else's space.

"One evening I had my disabled mum with me and I had to park on a road outside the flat.

"I ended up getting a ticket and tried to explain to the warden but they wouldn't negotiate with me."

She saw the flash of the parking attendant's camera and went outside to explain the situation to him.

When she said someone else was parked in her space, the attendant went and placed a ticket on the car in her space, too.

She added: "I spoke to the lady who had parked in my space and she said the reason she had done it was because someone else was parked in her space.

"She paid the fine as she didn't think it was her right to complain.

"I refused to pay, I tried to talk to them but couldn't get anywhere, so it went legal."

A few days before the court date at Colchester Small Claims Court, she offered to pay £60, which was the cost of the original fine.

This was refused and the court case continued.

She added: "The judge said he agreed the parking situation was mismanaged. I had emails to prove I had tried to make contact with them."

She has since moved house due to the parking problems.

We contacted the parking company, and were told a director would call back, but we had no response.