A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy's parents are furious after he managed to slip out of school without being seen and walk half way home before the alarm was raised.

Dennis Woodcraft walked out of St Osyth Primary School during break time on Monday morning.

Dad Taylor discovered the youngster near the Nisa supermarket in Point Clear Road after the school called mum Emma, 28, to say her son had vanished.

Taylor, 30, said: "He was more than half way home – he had walked more than a mile and no one stopped him.

"He walked from the school to St Osyth village hall, through the village, across the cross roads and than all the way down Point Clear Road the Nisa shop, which is roughly a mile.

"I had immediately got in my car and found him walking down the side of the road in his school uniform – his little grey shorts, white T-shirt and with his book bag in his hand.

"I picked him up and drove him straight back home.

"Then I went up to the school and police officers were there."

Taylor says he is now taking Dennis and little sister Josie, aged five, out of St Osyth Primary.

He claims the incident shows there are issues with school security.

Dennis's dad says his son also managed to slip out on Friday, but went back into school.

Taylor said: "If my six-year-old can get out of school without being seen, who says a deranged 30-year-old couldn't get into the school without being seen.

"They can't even see where he got out on the security cameras."

He added: "They can fine me but my children are having nothing to do with that school any more.

"I am going up to collect their belongings and that is the last time we will ever set foot on the premises..

"We will try to find somewhere else after the six-week holidays."

In a statement, the school said: "We are aware of an incident today. We are taking the matter extremely seriously."