A ROMANIAN Army veteran cracked the wing mirror of an ambulance which had been sent to help him before punching an off-duty police officer.

Isidor Argint, 35, made his first appearance before the courts after launching his drunken attack.

An ambulance crew was sent to provide first aid to Argint at Marks Tey train station when he was found unconscious.

But Colchester Magistrates’ Court heard he became agitated and refused their treatment.

Sharon Hall, prosecuting, said off-duty police officer Simon Barrett witnessed Argint punch the ambulance wing mirror.

“It caused a small crack to the mirror and damage to the mirror casing,” she said.

“Mr Barrett was at the station at the time, he had his son with him.

“His son is autistic and they were watching the trains.

“Mr Barrett saw the incident and remained in his car. He felt he was being aggressive and coming towards his vehicle.”

As Argint came closer, Mr Barrett left his car and “shouted and swore” at the defendant in a bid to deter him from approaching.

Miss Hall added: “He then says Mr Argint punched him, swung his fist and punched him to the right ear, and then again to the forehead.

“Mr Barrett says he tried to restrain him and they fell to the floor, before police officers arrived.

“Mr Argint was interviewed and said he can’t remember what happened."

Mr Barrett suffered bruising to his right ear and swelling to his forehead.

Argint admitted a charges of assault and criminal damage.

Addressing magistrates directly, he described how he had turned to alcohol since his arrival in England.

He is currently unemployed, but said he hoped to get a job as a carer as he likes to work with the elderly.

“I remember I was in a cell at the police station, but I can’t remember more, I am sorry,” he said.

“The only money I have is for the train.

“It is the first time in my life I have been in court.

“In my country, Romania, I was in the Army and I was in the police force, I have never had something like this.”

Barry Hawes, chairman of the bench, ordered Argint, of Kenyon Drive, Great Waldingfield, to complete 120 hours of unpaid work and pay £670 in costs.

He said: “Although you were a member of the Army and the police in Romania this incident, fuelled by drink, resulted in Mr Barrett and his son witnessing your violence.”