A HIT-AND-RUN driver fled the scene of a crash after ploughing into the back of a car carrying a four-week-old baby.

After the jarring impact of a blue BMW sent Bonnie Dellar lurching forward in her seat, her first instinct was to check on the well-being of her two young passengers.

Bonnie, 35, and husband, Jamie, were returning home having just enjoyed a firework display in Mersea, with their four-week-old baby, 12-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter.

The crash happened at around 11.15pm on June 30 at St Botolph’s roundabout in Colchester, as the family approached from Mersea Road.

After the crash, as she exited the car cradling the baby, the BMW driver raced off.

Bonnie has called for witnesses to help identify the “gutless coward”. “The car went straight into the back of us, travelling at a significant speed.

“I flew forwards, my children were asleep in the back and obviously got a rude awakening.

“My baby started crying and the first thing I wanted to do was to make sure she was OK.

“My husband got out and we thought we were about to exchange details, but they just drove off.

“It dented the bumper so when we got home we couldn’t get the pram out the boot.” Bonnie, from Laindon, praised the reaction of passing drivers, with several worried onlookers stopping to check if the family needed help.

The family have been left to pay the £250 excess on their insurance and are no closer to finding the culprit.

“If anyone does see a blue BMW driving around with a smashed up front then tell the driver our baby is OK, no thanks to him,” said Bonnie.

“There are still some lovely people around, I want to thank those who stopped to offer us help.

“I am really angry about it, it makes you wonder whether the driver panicked because he was drunk or something.

“It is just a bit of money to them I’m sure, it’s our children we had to worry about.”

Anyone with information can call Essex Police on 101 quoting incident 1523 of 30/06, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.