FOOTBALL fans have been warned to behave themselves or face the consequences following riotous scenes in Colchester.

Over exuberant fans trashed a bus stop in Head Street on Saturday following England’s win over Sweden.

They jumped on top of the structure, causing the roof to collapse and smashing the glass.

Essex Police had 1,860 incidents reported between 6am on Saturday and 6am on Sunday making it the busiest 24 hours of the year.

However, there were no arrests after the scenes in Head Street although police say they are carefully reviewing CCTV footage and continuing their investigations.

A spokesman also said police were called to Head Street at 5.28pm and arrested a man for being drunk in charge of a child.

Chief Inspector Shaun Kane, Colchester district commander, said: “As with the rest of the country, I am delighted England are progressing through the World Cup tournament so positively and well, and it is pleasing to see disorder associated to our licensed premises being minimal as people get behind their teams and enjoy the football sensibly and safely.

“There has been some minor, and anticipated, disruption due to pockets of over-enthusiastic people causing temporary breaches of the peace and I would appeal to those drinking and enjoying the football in the hot weather to be conscious of not over stepping the mark in celebration, or disappointment, as the World Cup tournament continues.

“Too much alcohol or adverse reaction precipitated by the football will not be a defence to a prosecution.”

England v Croatia picture call out

England v Croatia picture call out

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He added: “I for one, am willing the team on and in particular Harry Kane (no direct relation).”

Meanwhile, Colchester Council has confirmed it will not show England’s semi-final against Croatia on Castle Park’s big screen tommorow.

Essex Police pulled the plug saying they have been given too much short notice to put plans in place.

Mr Kane said: “In relation to the suggested football screening in Castle Park for Wednesday, I have provided my considerations to the chair of the Community Safety Partnership and assessed that due to the short-notice, logistics and overarching Public Safety requirements, not to proceed on this occasion based on our current policing plans, partnership working arrangements and safety measures prepared already covering this tournament.”

“This does not detract from the many outlets available across Essex showing televised and screening opportunities already in place for people to come together and enjoy the football with a enjoyable and safe atmosphere.”

Tim Young, (Lab) deputy leader for Colchester Council, said: “This is the police’s decision we cannot show the football. It is disappointing but I don’t think they can blame us for short notice.

“As soon as it looked like we would continue past the group stage we put plans in place to show the semi-final and final.”

“We didn’t know how far England were going to progress and if the police did then they should’ve told me and I would’ve put some money on it.”

The game will clash with a meeting of Colchester Council’s cabinet and Mr Young said while they would not be watching the match, many would be following it on social media.

He said: “I will be encouraging Mark Cory to get through the business as soon as we can.”

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