BUS stops were broken, flares were thrown and lamp posts were jumped off as football fans celebrated England’s quarter final victory.

Throngs of fans poured out onto the Head Street hotspot for celebrations, chanting and dancing with elation where police and security were on hand to make sure there was no aggressive behaviour.

There was some severe damage caused to one of the bus stops outside the Odeon cinema as fans climbed on top to film the party and then dived off into the crowds.

The partying continued on into the night, with the game coming to an end just after 5pm.

Sam Monaghan, a fan watching the game, said: “I’m feeling ecstatic, I’m just elated.

“Of course we were going to win, there was a massive queue outside The Centurion throughout the game.

“It got a bit out of hand after the game, it was a bit over the top. People should not be damaging things, but it was a joyous day.”

England will play Croatia in the semi-finals on Wednesday.