STUDENTS got a taste of Army life as soldiers came into their school.

Iceni Academy in Colchester hosted a Military Kids day for the children.

Lisa Corby, head of school, said: “To mark Armed Forces Day, children enjoyed getting physical on an assault course on the school grounds.

“The assault course was kindly set up through the school’s military links, organised by the Community Cohesion Lead.

“All children got to run, climb and zig zag through the obstacles, balance on beams, jump through tyres, throw balls at a target and commando crawl through camouflage nets whilst trying to escape being squirted with water.”

Danny Knox and Callum Milner, from the 3rd Air Assault Support Regiment, taught the children some basic training.

They said: “It has been fantastic to be allowed to come into school and engage with the children and be part of the community.

“We have had an amazing time.

“It has been great to see all the children have so much fun.”

The learning support assistants said it was a fantastic opportunity for all the children to experience and talk about Armed Forces Day.

The students said it was great fun getting wet and scrambling through the camouflage net.

They said they were glad to experience what soldiers go through whilst training, knowing soldiers go through a lot worse, and they were grateful to them.

The soldiers also took along a L118 Artillery Piece for the children to explore.

Parents said teachers have worked hard to make Armed forces Day a great success.

They said soldiers the were involved were fantastic and the children were excited about the change to their lessons.

About 20 per cent of children at the school have one or more parents working for the British Armed Forces.

These children enjoy attending Military Club twice a week where they can share stories and make craft items for family members who are away from home.