STUDENTS at a new school are to get support from the company which inspired its name.

The new school in Paxman Avenue will be called Paxman Academy, honouring the significance of the Paxman engine manufacturer in Colchester.

The logo, which includes images of a cog and a factory rooftop, associates with the Paxman firm.

Paxman was taken over by MAN in 2010 and the company still operates on the original site where the firm started 151 years ago.

The company still makes engines which they ship all over the world from the Colchester site.

The company has been in talks with the school’s contractor, the Sigma Trust, about ways they can support students, such as offering placements.

General manager Adam Green said: “The link with the community has not been at the position we would like as many people think Paxman had shut down.

“Articles such as this help to make people aware engines are very much alive still in Colchester.

“We have just invested £1.5 million refurbishing the factory to provide a better working environment.

“We want to get involved with the Sigma Trust and especially the Paxman Academy to encourage engineers from the area.

“We struggle to find good local engineers and we normally have to go further afield to recruit, which is disappointing as we are great believers of supporting the community.

“We want to offer placements to students and apprenticeships and degree sponsorship. We have meet with the Sigma Trust and we would like to thank the Gazette for putting us in touch.”

Colchester MP Will Quince has visited MAN Diesel in the past.

He said: “It is fantastic news the modern face of Paxman will be supporting the school and giving pupils opportunities in engineering.

“This is an example of education and business working hand in hand and it should be applauded.”

Colchester councillor Lyn Barton (Lib Dem) has been heavily involved in the process and said it was a positive step.

She said: “Their expertise and commitment to Colchester can only add value to our young people’s educational experience. This is a welcome development.”

Jeff Brindle, CEO of the Sigma Trust, added: "We are very excited about the links with MAN Diesel & Turbo UK Ltd as not only will this further enable us to celebrate the industrial heritage of the town, it will show students how the STEM subjects are transferred into everyday real life. 

"The studying of STEM subjects helps young people to develop their ability to problem solve, improves their technical skills and increases their creativity.  The partnership with MAN Diesel will be hugely beneficial to everyone involved and we are very grateful for their input and look forward to working with them.”