A superstar DJ is putting on a special hometown gig this weekend.

That’s Max Chapman who had a huge 2017 which saw him resident at Do Not Sleep in Ibiza, shows at Elrow, supporting Gorgon City at Exchange in LA, and most notably, releasing huge clubland hit La Fiesta on Hot Creations.

Bursting onto the underground house scene in 2011, Max was just 23 when he released his first record.

Just eight months into his DJing career he started up his own label, Resonance Records, and continues today to showcase exciting new talent from the world of underground tech-house music.

The former Clacton County High School pupil has not only racked up 20 top 100 entries in the music charts, he has a best selling dance record, La Fiesta.

He says: “I used to wash the dishes in a family friend’s fish and chip shop at the age of 13.

“I only used to do about four hours every Saturday and earned £2.30 an hour.

“Yet I somehow managed to save up for my first pair of turntables and a mixer, and use a little Hi-Fi in my bedroom to mix on.

“I never had a real interest in music at school and I didn’t even take it as a GCSE, which I very much regret, although somehow now my life would be nothing without music.”

Max has gigged all over the world but before his big break he had a residency set at Rasputins and the Boardwalk in Clacton.

“I would go to London for work at 5am as a plumber, usually get home around 6pm,” he adds.

“I would produce music until 2am learning everything I know from YouTube and then go and

get some sleep and repeat this daily.”

This year is proving just as busy with more sets and perhaps his biggest achievement putting out his very own BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

This weekend’s ‘Swing’ event is part of a series of gigs Max has organised going back to his local roots.

He says: “My gigs usually have a lot of production, high quality sound systems, crazy lighting, CO2 gas cannons, confetti cannons and so on, which is something that Colchester and its surrounding areas doesn’t have.

“I wanted to show people that there is more to a gig than just playing a record.”

Starting off at the Boadicea bar in Haven Road, Colchester, Max is now organising a big afternoon and evening of the very best in dance music at the Ardleigh Car Boot Sale Grounds, off Wick Lane, on Saturday from 12pm to 10pm.

Featuring Grammy-nominated Camelphat as headliners, as well as a whole host of other top names including George Smeddles, Georgie Marshall, Lwrnce and Connmac, and of course a set from the man himself, for more information go to skiddle.com and search Max Chapman.