THE people rather than politicians should have the final say on the country’s Brexit deal, according to the Liberal Democrats.

Mark Cory, leader of Colchester Council, has written to the town’s MP, Will Quince, urging him to back the Lib Dem’s amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill.

The amendment states, “any resolution considered by the House of Commons under subsection (5)(a) may include the option to hold a referendum on whether the UK should accept the outcome of negotiations between the Government and the EU under Article 50 (2) of the Treaty of European Union, or seek to remain in the EU by revoking the notification of withdrawal from the EU under Article 50.”

Mr Cory said: “Brexit is an immediate threat to our economy and public services.

“From the drop in the value of the pound to the shortage of skilled workers, the impact is already being felt in Colchester.

“Regardless of how people voted, it’s clear no-one is getting what they wanted.

“That is why it’s so important the people, not the politicians, have the final say on the deal, including the option to remain in the EU.”

Today marks the start of a two-day debate over the bill at the House of Commons with prime minister Theresa May looking to overturn all but one of 15 amendments added by the House of Lords.

Mr Quince said as he has not yet received the letter, he is unable to comment on its content.

He said: “However, the fact is the majority of those who voted in the referendum in 2016 decided we should leave the European Union, and this Government is carrying out this democratic instruction.

“I would urge Cllr Cory to focus his efforts on addressing the issues facing our town, whether it is the cleanliness of our town centre, the failure to promote Colchester’s unique and special heritage, or some of the questionable assumptions underlying his administration’s plans to build tens of thousands of homes on our doorstep.”