RESIDENTS are concerned over plans for a new MRI suite as hospital parking is already limited.

Ramsay Healthcare has applied to Colchester Council to build a new MRI suite at The Oaks Hospital in Colchester.

The matter is due to be discussed at the council's planning committee meeting on Thursday, following concerns about car parking.

The Oaks is a private hospital off of Mile End Road. The plans are to extend the main building for a new MRI suite.

A new operating theatre and associated accommodation is proposed for the back of the site, which is currently a car park with temporary buildings.

The temporary buildings will be moved and four extra parking spaces will be created at a number of positions around the site.

Residents feel it is already too tight in terms of parking, and more than four spaces will be needed.

A report said: "The Oaks has signed up to be Colchester Travel Plan members for five years.

"This means the Travel Plan Team will work directly with The Oaks to promote sustainable travel for both the staff and visitors.

"This is held to be a significant positive step for the hospital which is welcomed.

"In pure policy terms there is no requirement for the provision of additional parking for a hospital use. Hospitals have maximum parking standards and therefore the four extra spaces proposed by the site reshuffle are not actually required in policy terms."

The plans are set to be approved.