A PETITION has been launched to stop the deportation of a frail Nepalese woman whose house was destroyed in an earthquake.

Major Udai Gurung MBE, chair of Colchester Nepalese Society, has served the British Armed Forces and is close to his 50 years’ service award.

His sister, Lal, a widow, is sharing his home in Colchester during his years of service.

Lal, who is 75, is frail and unwell. She lost her husband in action in the Pakistan War in the 70s.

Lal’s family have tried to get the courts to allow Lal to stay here with no recourse to public funds, meaning she is entirely dependant on her family, but the case was refused earlier this year.

In the next few weeks, if nothing changes, Lal will be deported to Nepal where her old house has been unused since the 2015 earthquake

Major Gurung said: “Lal was due to visit in May 2015 but the earthquake hit in April.

“She came to the UK and when her six months here was up she asked if she could stay as her home had been damaged.

“We applied for her to stay in September 2015 but this application was rejected by the Home Office.”

The family appealed the decision, and after speaking to their solicitors a second hearing was held at an upper tribunal in April this year.

The family was told they could make a fresh application for a visa, but Lal’s circumstances must have changed for it to be approved.

The Home Office believes Lal could have sufficient support back in Nepal, but her family disagrees.

Major Gurung added: “I am paying for medical insurance every month, I take her to private GPs and we don’t use the NHS.

“She is suffering from some major ailments, I’m not asking for help from the Government, I am asking for a visa so she can live well in this country as she has no-one in Nepal.”

Lal’s home in Nepal has structural damage and is rat and cockroach infested.

More importantly, Lal has no family members there and will be alone.

She said: “Over the past few years I have been with my brother’s family, I feel I am looked after extremely well.

“At the age of 75 I don’t think I can be looked after so well by anyone in Nepal. “Here I get loving home and care including excellent food. I like the UK so much. “I live with my brother, his wife, son, daughter-in-law and their three-year-old son.

“I love to be with my nephew’s son, he adores me. It will be very difficult for me to leave my whole family and return to Nepal.”

We contacted the Home Office for a comment on the court case.

To see the petition visit https://bit.ly/2LIkn15