A RECYCLING centre in Colchester could be extended in a bid to get to grips with congestion at busy peak times.

The plans for the Shrub End recycling centre, which is a operated by both Colchester Council and Essex County Council, appears on papers due to go before councillors tonight.

The document sets out initial plans for a “potential redevelopment” of the site, which could see some land on the site freed up to accommodate an extended recycling centre.

Proposals have been put forward after both authorities recognised the centre can get overly busy at peak times and extra capacity is likely to help stop queues coming from the centre, into Shrub End Road and Cunobelin Way.

The recycling centre for household waste is publicly accessible and is owned by Essex County Council.

A second waste depot, which is not open to the public, is operated by Colchester Council for the bulking and sorting of waste collected by binmen.

There is also storage, parking and office accommodation used by Colchester Council.

As parts of the site are owned separately by Essex County Council and Colchester Council, if either authority decides to amend or extend their operations on the site, it may require a transfer of land which will need to be negotiated.

Martin Goss (Lib Dem) Colchester councillor responsible for waste, said he is waiting to speak with Essex County Council about the plans.

He added: “I’m due to meet with the county council to discuss this, and the different land ownership.

“I think this needs to be a face to face discussion, we will put forward the views of Colchester and the county council will put forward their views.

“We will work to see what options there are.

“I don’t think it would be fair for me to comment at this stage as there are people in fresh roles and it’s a fresh discussion.”

He is waiting for the county council to set a date for a meeting to take place.

In a statement County Hall bosses confirmed the plans, citing a want to improve the tip.

The ‘potential development’ referred to is the possibility of extending the recycling centre and improving the Colchester Council waste depot facilities.

The authority added the plans have been discussed a number of times in a bid to find a “mutually beneficial outcome”.

Both councils must look at whether land could be freed up on their site to allow for the planned extension.

They said it was in recognition that the current recycling centre can get busy at peak times and extra capacity could help alleviate this.

The council said there are no specific problems being raised by residents at the moment.