CARS were left damaged after a man 'went on a rampage' in the middle of the night.

Residents in Peache Road and Artillery Street in Colchester heard noises at about 3am on Thursday morning.

When they woke up they found at least three cars and a van in Peache Road, had missing wing mirrors.

Another car in Artillery Street, had also been damaged at a similar time.

One resident managed to catch the man during his bizarre act on CCTV.

The man, wearing white trainers, dark jeans and a hoodie, is seen hovering around a parked car in Peache Road.

He seems to walk past the car, but then turns back around and, with a small run up, forcefully punches the wing mirror.

After this he is seen stumbling away in the same direction.

Another resident said: "A guy just went on a rampage down the road and damaged a few of the cars parked.

"Whoever it was has hurt their hand as they really punched one of the mirrors.

"It costs so much money for people to repair their cars.

"I’ve checked my CCTV and he didn’t go past my house, so he must have headed into the Ventura-Vega estate.

"We are guessing he is local as he knew the cut through."

Residents who have had their cars damaged have reported it to police online.

The CCTV is not the clearest, but anyone with information, or who recognises the man, should call police on 101.