Among Tom Wilcox’s many claims to fame are getting Iggy Pop’s band back together, arranging a tour of some of David Bowie’s Spiders From Mars, and once getting banned from the Colchester Arts Centre.

Thankfully all appears to be forgiven at the Church Street venue because Tom is back there playing with the band that got him into that trouble in the first place, Maniac Squat.

Tom says: “I was in Colchester for a funeral last year and while having a pint with Anthony Roberts (the arts centre director) he offered a reformed Maniac Squat a gig.

“The other catalyst for us playing again was our friend (and now guitarist) Kevin Armstrong playing our music in his dressing room when he was doing an American festival gig with Iggy Pop last year.

“Henry Rollins walked in and said “I like this man, what band is this?”. So we seem to have acquired a ‘lost gem’ status amongst established musicians now which is as gratifying as it is utterly surprising. “

The four-piece Maniac Squat started in Colchester in 1991 while studying at the Sixth Form College and went on to have a modicum of success including tours of Germany and even the single of the week in Kerrang for their most famous single, which cannot be repeated in a family newspaper.

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After a long break Tom started working with musicians as part of his work at the ICA, which included celebrations of both David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

Now as well as writing music for Lisa Ronson, Tom’s joined another band called the Last Day Sect.

Tom adds: “Michael Giaquinto and I from the classic Maniac Squat line-up are joined by a band of renowned musicians including Iggy Pop’s guitarist, Kevin Armstrong.

“When I asked Kevin to be a part of Iggy Fest he’d not played with Iggy for 25 years but after that he was asked back into the band. A few years later I got taken into Iggy’s dressing room and Iggy himself thanked me for getting his band back together.

“I can’t wait to play the arts centre. Anthony banned us from playing at there in 1992 because we damaged the stage so it’ll be good to be back!”

Maniac Squat play the arts centre on June 8. For tickets call 01206 500900.

Gazette: Tom Wilcox