THE make-up of Colchester Council’s new ruling Cabinet has been revealed.

The so-called Progressive Alliance between the Liberal Democrats, Labour and the Highwoods Independents holds a wafer thin one-seat majority over the Conservative group.

Tory bosses had initially signalled an interest in forming a minority administration after gaining two seats in the borough elections on May 3.

But the three parties subsequently agreed a deal to continue their coalition.

The new alliance’ will be led by Lib Dem Mark Cory alongside deputy boss Tim Young (Lab).

Senior Lib Dem Martin Goss will take on responsibility for waste, transport and environment, while new addition David King will be in charge of delivering a budget in his resources role.

Previous cabinet member Nick Barlow returns to the fold in place of the outgoing Annie Feltham and will take on the commercial services role.

In the Labour camp, Tina Bourne continues as housing boss and Mike Lilley reclaims responsibility for public safety, licensing and parking.

Independent Beverley Oxford continues in her portfolio for customers role.

Mr Goss, who leads the Lib Dem group on Colchester Council, said: “The biggest issue we picked up on the doorstep was a deep dissatisfaction with roads and transport.

“And those issues now lie firmly in my portfolio and we are determined to make a difference.”

As part of the agreed manifesto, a new Transport for Colchester group will be set up to oversee travel and road infrastructure across the borough.

A key component of that is securing agreement with Essex County Council, which has been responsible for roads across the whole county since 2003.

Mr Goss added: “We believe the door is open to that being the case - whether it becomes a case of us directing current highways contract holders Ringway Jacobs from here or sorting out a new contract remains to be seen.

“But what we are really saying is: ‘Give us the budget and the staff and we will manage it from here as we did successfully up until 2003’.”

Pointing to his own appointment, as well as that of Mr King, and reappointment of Nick Barlow, he added: “We promised fresh blood and fresh faces and we have delivered that.”

Labour leader Tim Young added: “We felt we have work still to do in our portfolios. 

"This time, we have more responsibility and some high profile issues to tackle and we're looking looking forward to that."