THE Olympics are coming to Abbey Field in Colchester...but only football is being played and the competitors are much younger than usual.

Kickaround Colchester is hosting the second annual Football Olympics this Saturday for youngsters aged three to nine.

About 80 children are signed up to take part this year with a chance of being in a winning team and getting either a gold, silver or bronze medal.

The event was started by founder of Kickaround Colchester Jay Hurley, whose two children, including daughter Leah, eight, are participating.

He said: “Quite a few girls are taking part but we always try to encourage more. We also nominate older kids to help the younger ones.

“Because all the events are non-contact we try to get one person from each age group in the team.

"There are 12 events all related to football activities so running, dribbling, passing, shooting, and fitness-related activities as well.”

Sports enthusiast Jay, 34, borrowed the idea of the football olympics while he was coaching in America during his degree.

Kickaround Colchester came about last April because he felt he could add something more to the football scene, although he stopped coaching some ten years ago.

He said: “As a parent and former coach, I understand sports needs to be fun.

“With children’s football there’s lots of pressure put on them - historically that’s what we do in England - so I wanted this club to be really relaxed, hence the name.

“The participation rates in football drop out at about 13 or 14 and by 16-years-old, those rates are decimated.

“We target what the FA would term foundation stage footballers, and younger, as we start with toddlers.”

Kick-off for Football Olympics is 10.15am and the games last until 1.15pm.

To sign up, click here for the Facebook page and send Jay a message.