A LOVER of classic cars is hoping the public can help him get his pride and joy back.

Joe Walker has been keeping his MK2 Golf GTi in a garage he rents in The Willows, off Mersea Road in Colchester.

He has been checking on the car regularly for the past three years, but on one occasion he visited the garage and the car was gone.

He said: "The garage door had been levered open and folded in half, and the car was gone.

"Someone must have known it was there as mine was the only garage that was targeted.

"The car was made in 91 or 92, so it's the last in line for the MK2.

"For its condition and mileage it's becoming a collector's car, it's a modern classic."

The car, which is worth between £8,000 and £10,000, is a J plate in an unusual Royal Blue, with mileage of around 55,000.

The car was stolen about five weeks ago, but Mr Walker, who loves classic cars, is hoping someone has seen his car for sale or on social media.

If anyone recognises the car, they should call Essex Police on 101.