THERE are so many reasons to love Colchester - its rich heritage, unique architecture and stunning open spaces to name but a few.

The town has been featured in books, films, TV programmes, all of which depict it as the beautiful town we know it to be.

But we have a tendency to sometimes let our town down.

Trevor Orton is right in saying Colchester is lacking the Civic Pride it deserves. We are all familiar with the Friday and Saturday night flurry of takeaway bags, cigarette ends and drinks cans.

The council has invested money in valuable street cleaning equipment to sweep the mess off the streets. However come the next weekend, the same thing happens.

And what about the damage that cannot be fixed overnight?

The broken paving slabs? The messy toilets?

We are never able to escape the chewing gum which sticks to our shoes, or the uneven paths we gingerly step over every day.

It is not just the council’s responsibility to provide some TLC. Everyone needs to play their part in helping the town maintain its reputation.

Restaurants, takeaways, shops, and individuals must pull together if there is any hope of Colchester remaining somewhere to be proud of.

The next time you grab a burger, or finish a cigarette, or need to spit out gum, take a moment to find the nearest bin.

It does not sound like it will make much of a difference to begin with, but it’s a start - an act which will encourage others to love their town, too.