A “DETERIORATING” caravan site could get a new lease of life when it is taken over by new management.

Residents of Brightlingsea were concerned the Lakeside Caravan Park was struggling to attract more visitors.

Some residents have even suggested turning it into a car park for the town as they are unhappy with its current state.

However Brightlingsea Town Council has said a new leaseholder is hoping to take over the site by the end of the month.

The existing leaseholder is looking to sell it and the deal is being finalised.

Graham Steady, town councillor who deals with amenity areas and open spaces, said the new leaseholder has suggested renovating Lakeside Caravan Park, which is great news for the town.

He said: “The camp site is owned by the town council and is leased out.

“The tenant has a repairing lease which means he is responsible for maintenance and improvements.

“He is in the process of selling that lease which he is allowed to do under the Tenant and Landlord Act.

“The potential new owner, who has another site, has given an undertaking that issues will be addressed.”

He said the site is an integral part of the council’s development plans, not only for the Western Prom but for the whole of the waterfront.

Plans include regenerating Batemans Cafe, new play equipment and an outdoor gym and an upgraded skate park.

The town council also had positive talks with Purelake, concerning its purchase of the part-finished marina.

Most residents were keen to keep the caravan site as a tourist attraction, saying it would benefit business in the area.

They said the site in Promenade Way was in a prime location for tourists and it would be a shame to see it fall into disrepair.