A MAN who used drugs and played loud music at his home has left neighbours physically sick with anxiety.

David Wade was evicted from his home in Longstraw Close, Stanway, for three months by Colne Housing.

The man appeared in court after neighbours repeatedly complained of his "evil and vindictive" behaviour.

Sarah Easey said on one occasion she had a dog thrown at her front door.

She said: "I wish i was making this stuff up but I'm not.

"We have had needles found, shouting, loud music, we have seen the police here more than anyone else.

"It's just madness, one time I heard a massive thud and when I opened the door David was rolling around and there was a dog there.

"I found myself having to give a dog mouth to mouth."

She said on some days the ambulance would be called at least four times for Wade.

The stress has made her physically ill.

She added: "I was signed off work for sleepless nights, and was given tablets for stress.

"I ended up in hospital last week as they said my body was so stressed it couldn't relax."

Although she is relieved at the outcome of the court case, she wanted to stress his family has always supported other residents.

She said: "I really feel for his family. I really do believe somewhere along the line they have been let down, and they need help and I wish his family all the best.

"We also owe a massive thank you to Colne Housing, the neighbour from hell is an understatement."

A 76-year-old neighbour who did not wish to be named said she could smell drugs all time of the day.

She said: "It was going on during the day and night, his used to have all his friends in, we were frightened to go out."

Fiona Moss said Wade has lived there since 2014 and it has been a nightmare ever since.

She said: "We have been in the firing line.

"At first it used to be verbal abuse but it's got so bad, I can't go over to the window without being verbally assaulted.

"He had a habit of hiding in bushes and jumping out.

"The anxiety has got to a point where none of us can eat because we feel sick. It's like living in hell.

"He's awake 24/7 and we just have to sleep when we can.We were constantly calling the police."