THIS town’s not big enough for the both of them, apparently.

A bitter legal feud has been ignited after two parties seem to want Colchester to have the same thing - out of town complexes, each with their own cinema and restaurants.

One, the Northern Gateway, would, says Colchester Council, have more of a focus on sports with plans for football pitches, a cycle track, running spaces, an archery area and an indoor cricket pitch.

The other, Tollgate Village, in addition to the cinema and restaurants, would have shops and an indoor adventure centre.

While both parties are in agreement over what Colchester needs, it’s a shame both can’t agree over whom has the monopoly over them.

Perhaps there is sufficient demand for both?

Stanway, home to the forthcoming Tollgate Village site, is to the west of Colchester and is providing hundreds more homes.

Arguably, the Northern Gateway, north of Colchester and in expanding Mile End, as well as the Park and Ride facility, also has its market.

After many obstacles, Tollgate Village will go ahead but the Northern Gateway still hasn’t had full planning permission.

However, the council will have already spent a significant amount of public money on plans for the site and awarding a contract to the developer.

If a judge backs the Tollgate Partnership it would seem wasteful for the Northern Gateway to be completely abandoned.

Let’s hope any compromise doesn’t come at too high a cost.