A COMEDIC couple of friends who filmed themselves reviewing burgers "as a joke" have now been approached by restaurants to have their creations tasted.

Aston Payne and Sam Williamson, both from Colchester, have been friends for years and often make funny Snapchat videos for their friends.

Sam, 26, said the pair were messing about one day when they decided it would be a laugh to review the town's burgers and film it for their phone contacts to see.

However after their last two videos went up on Facebook, they had more than 1,000 views in one day.

Sam said: "After the first video I had messages from people asking when Aston, or Mr Burger as he is called, would be back again.

"It's just something I filmed on my iPhone, we started putting them up on Facebook and the videos have just exploded."


Sam Williamson 

The couple have been to Five Guys and other joints in Colchester town centre, reviewing their burgers based on taste and presentation.

Since their videos went up on social media they have been approached by restaurants as far away at Stowmarket, to see if the lads will review their food.

Sam said: "We just want to stick to Colchester at the moment, we do have bigger plans for the future like taking part in burger challenges, and we are going to Madrid soon so we want to film an episode there.

"It just started out as something between friends but we have had so many people liking the page, it's been mad.

"We have never done anything like this before, we don't even have the equipment, we are just using an iPhone."

The pair have their own personal aims as a result of their success.

Aston, 27, wants to become enough of a celebrity that he gets chosen to turn on Colchester's Christmas lights.

Sam wants to make enough money to film an episode in Vegas, something he sees as an even bigger challenge.

To watch the videos, visit https://www.facebook.com/Properbeefy/videos/163328167686259/