REMEMBER to set your clocks forward an hour on Sunday, March 25.

The clocks will change at 2am, and the lost hour can hit hard in an already busy lifestyle.

In fact, the adjustment forward is always more difficult than at autumn when we gain and extra hour.

This Friday is also World Sleep Day, so make sure you appreciate your forty winks!

Sleep expert Dave Gibson, founder of, has some advice: "Stop all caffeine Thursday afternoon, this restriction will allow you to sleep better that evening and set up a more relaxed start to Friday.

"Go without caffeine all day on Friday. This will make it easier to get to sleep half an hour earlier on Friday evening.

"Saturday evening, shift your bedtime another half hour earlier. This means you are now one whole hour forward.

“On Sunday morning you can wake up refreshed, as you will be in the new time zone without losing any sleep."